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Protect, sanitise and beautify your home with our professional carpet cleaning services

Are your carpets stained or no longer looking clean and beautiful?

Pets, kids or lifestyle giving your carpets a hard life?

If you want a healthier home that looks fresh and new, professionally cleaning your carpets is an often overlooked but important place to start!

We offer professional and experienced carpet cleaning and stain removal throughout the Perth metropolitan area. With our years of hands-on experience and a detailed knowledge of everything from cleaning methods to carpet fibres, we provide a service that is thorough but gentle on your carpets to give you the best result.

Carpet Cleaning Perth

Our carpet cleaning services cover everything from steam cleaning entire homes and office buildings to santising just a few floor rugs, and can also include expert repairs to make sure your carpets really look as good as new when we are done.

Don’t waste time trying to DIY or risk your home by hiring the wrong person for the job – Access Carpet Care is a proud member of the Carpet Cleaning Association of WA and has been in the industry since 1979. You can trust us to go above and beyond to get the job done right.

Why get your carpets cleaned professionally?

If you want carpet cleaning because you are worried about your health and want to make sure they are fully sanitised and hygienically clean, then you need a professional with commercial-grade equipment. Vacuuming or hiring a steam cleaner yourself is a great way to maintain them in between, but you need professional carpet cleaning to make sure that any dirt, dust and bacteria that is trapped deep in the carpet fibres is removed. 

By using professional equipment and knowing how to treat different fibres and weaves, we make sure that your carpets are protected while we clean, along with deeply penetrating to remove any nasty buildup, allergens and grime. 

What do we use for our carpet cleaning?

Access Carpet Care uses professional steam cleaning and encapsulation cleaning equipment, along with carpet deodorisers and treatments.

Steam cleaning, or ‘hot water extraction’ is a proven and effective way to clean carpets which uses hot water at high pressure to penetrate deep into the carpet fibers to break down the dirt and bacteria buildup. Then, the hot water, mixed with all the removed grime is then extracted via vacuum. 

Encapsulation cleaning is a method of carpet cleaning that uses synthetic foam detergents. We work the detergent into the carpet using a brush machine to make sure it penetrates deep into the fibres. The foam then crystallizes into a powder, ‘encapsulating’ or absorbing any dirt and bacteria, which we can then vacuum up, taking all the nasty particles along with it. 

Each carpet cleaning method we use is chosen based on a professional assessment of your carpets plus the level of grime or buildup – we use our expertise to make sure we always use the right cleaning method for the right job. Carpet cleaning in Perth is easy with Access Carpet Care.

Carpet cleaning services for allergies

Do you or your family suffer from allergies to dust or mites? 

Professionally cleaning your carpet is an effective way to remove any harmful irritants that can build up in your carpet fibres and cause anything from asthma and eczema to hayfever. 

You would be amazed to know how much dust and dirt can build in carpets without showing visually, and this is a huge factor in the health and hygiene of your home – it doesn’t need to look dirty to be affecting your health.

Call us and book a deep clean for your carpets today, your allergies will thank you for it!

Professional Carpet Stain Removal

Dropped some wine or had an accident with a pet or pot plant?

Life happens and sometimes your carpets bear the brunt of it – and that is why we are fully qualified in carpet stain removal. From years of working with carpets of all types, weaves and fibres, we know all the different techniques to use when it comes to removing tough carpet stains. 

From chocolate stains to dirty shoes, or just generally having pets, visitors, parties and living in your house, if you have a carpet stain that is ruining the look and health of your home, get in touch with us today. 

How much does carpet cleaning cost?

We can provide professional carpet cleaning in Perth from just $88* per room? and offer free quotes for every job. Just tell us what the problem is and what you need and we will give you an honest, upfront quote.

*minimum charge applies

Flexible services to suit your needs

We offer flexible times during and outside business hours, along with weekend services, so whether you work from home and need it done outside business hours or prefer it done over a weekend while you are away, we will make sure to find a time that works for you.

We make it easy to enjoy a healthy home with carpets that look just like new! If you need carpet cleaning in Joondalup, contact us today. 

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services Perth

We offer carpet cleaning services to commercial properties in suburbs all over Perth, including Joondalup, from schools to hotels and offices.

School carpet cleaning

We specialise in school cleaning and can carry out our services during the school holidays while the kids are out from underfoot, so your school is fresh, clean and sanitised and ready for another term! 

Office carpet cleaning

When was the last time your offices had their carpets cleaned? 

We can carry out our cleaning services over a weekend or after-hours so there is no reason you can’t enjoy clean offices and reception areas at work. Protect your employees and customers and make sure your workplace is hygienically clean with spotless carpets with our professional carpet cleaning. 

What other carpet cleaning services do we offer?

Access Carpet Care also provides carpet repair services to prolong the life and look of your carpets and protect your investment in your home or office.

If you have tears, rips, scuffs or burns, we can help patch and repair your carpet, followed by a professional clean – it will be like the damage never happened!

We also provide:

Carpet stretching

Over time, your carpet will start to wear out, which can cause it to bubble, wrinkle or expand, and even potentially cause a tripping hazard. Carpet stretching tightens your carpet, making it look like new and increasing it’s lifespan. 

Minor flood restoration equipment

If your kitchen or bathroom flooded and it has soaked the carpet of your nearby rooms, we have the equipment to clean and dry carpets after minor flooding. Talk to us about cleaning before it has a chance to sink into the flooring! 

If you need professional carpet cleaning in Perth, contact the experts at Access Carpet Care today.

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