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Our specialised upholstery cleaning services will keep your fabrics pristine…

Has your favourite armchair had an unfortunate encounter with a cup of coffee? 

Or maybe your dog loves your couch a bit too much? 

At Access Carpet Care, we have decades of experience of getting the toughest stains out of upholstered furniture – no stain scares us off. 

Whether it’s keeping sofas and armchairs looking like you bought them yesterday or rejuvenating an ottoman or dining chair, our Joondalup upholstery cleaning services can save you having to replace or reupholster well-loved furniture.

Don’t give up or throw it out until you see what we can do to help...

Call us for a free upholstery cleaning quote today!

Upholstery Cleaning Joondalup

Our specialist upholstery cleaners in Joondalup work with all fabrics, including even those delicate or tricky fabrics, like leather, which are hard to clean. For stubborn stains, delicate fabrics or repairs, we’re the people for the job. 

Sometimes stains appear where you least expect them! We clean all kinds of stains from all types of upholstery.

Pet Upholstery Cleaning Joondalup

Whether your fur baby is a new addition or a long-term family member, sometimes pets have accidents... 

While this might be unpleasant, it isn’t the end for your carpets, couches and chairs. 

We’re experts in neutralising urine odours — our specialist treatments will leave your furniture fresh-smelling and stain-free. 

We’ve been cleaning upholstery (including leather) for decades and know exactly what products to use. So before you give up on your favourite armchair, give us a call! 

Whether it’s a chair, couch, mattress or carpet — don’t throw it away; we can make it like new in no time. If you are looking for upholstery cleaning in Joondalup, call us for a quote, absolutely free. 

Mattress Sanitising 

Not everyone knows this, but the state of your mattress can have profound effects on your quality of sleep. Hidden allergens can also aggravate conditions like asthma or cause other illnesses.

Getting your mattress sanitised regularly can remove any buildup of: 

  • perspiration and bacteria
  • allergens like pet hair, pollen, mould and dust mites
  • stains and odours.

Having your mattress cleaned professionally is like sleeping between fresh sheets — there’s nothing better than knowing your mattress is as clean as the day you bought it! 

If your mattress is a little worse for wear, get in touch. We’ll give it a little TLC. 

What do we use for our upholstery cleaning?

At Access Carpet Care, we use professional steam cleaning, encapsulation cleaning, carpet deodorisers and other specialised treatments.

Steam cleaning is a proven, highly effective way to clean carpets — that's why everyone from businesses owners to landlords prefer it!

Hot water at high pressure penetrates deep into carpet fibres, breaking down built-up dirt and bacteria. 

The hot water and grime is then extracted via industrial-strength vacuum suction. 

Encapsulation cleaning uses foam detergent. A brush machine works the foam deep into the carpet, penetrating the fibres. 

The foam crystallises into powder, ‘encapsulating’ dirt and bacteria — we then vacuum out all those nasty particles. 

Our specialists carry out upholstery cleaning in Joondalup and will help you no matter how tricky the stain! Give us a call today for a quote completely free. 

Protect Your Fabrics – Use the Professionals

We choose the best upholstery cleaning method based on a professional assessment of your furniture — we consider the fabric and the type of stains.  Our expertise ensures we use the ideal approach.  

Some clients tell us they thought they could manage the job themselves – they ended up calling us because cleaning upholstery is more challenging than you think. Sometimes you can make stains worse.

Professional upholstery cleaning machines are more powerful and precise than hired DIY machines. Our trained operators know how to use their equipment effectively for different fabrics and stains. 

By all means, get more than one quote, but using a company with minimal experience in upholstery cleaning is unwise. Upholstery cleaning is not the same as carpet cleaning — specialised training is required. 

Upholstery fabrics are delicate and must be treated gently, not saturated with cleaning solutions.

Upholstery cleaning is simple and carried out to the highest-standard with Access Carpet Care. For professional upholstery cleaning in Joondalup, call us today. 

Benefits of Upholstery Cleaning

The importance of maintaining upholstered furniture may not be obvious, but regular upholstery cleaning can:

  • extend the life of the fabric
  • help furniture look newer 
  • remove bacteria and allergens like pollen, dust and mould
  • repel stains.

Upholstery Cleaning for All Fabrics

We understand the proper cleaning method for each material, from delicate to heavy-use fabrics, including leather.

We know it's tempting, but please don't try cleaning tips from the Internet without calling us first. These can make a bad situation even worse, especially if you’re working with delicate fabric!

Bleach or ammonia solutions can damage fabrics irreparably. 

DIY cleaning using bicarbonate or vinegar can leave stains that are almost impossible to remove. 

Instead of trying to do it yourself, call the Joondalup upholstery cleaning experts for a free quote! We can make your upholstery like new. 

Flexible Upholstery Cleaning in Joondalup

At Access Carpet Care, we understand that accidents don't just happen between 9 and 5 on weekdays – so we’re open on weekends and holidays. We carry out upholstery cleaning services throughout Joondalup, and we can help with urgent problems after hours! 

We offer flexibility — you can have upholstery (and carpets) cleaned while you are away, for example, during school holidays. 

We’re dedicated to helping you get your furniture back in top shape when you need us – give us a call, and we can organise a free cleaning or repair quote. 

Commercial Upholstery Cleaning Joondalup

The appearance of your offices can make a difference to the success of your business. That’s why we recommend regular cleaning of upholstery at your business premises. 

We service all types of businesses, from doctors’ surgeries to large offices. Whether it’s break room couches or chairs in reception – we’ll keep it looking new.

Regularly cleaning upholstered furniture:

  • extends the life of fabrics
  • keeps your furniture looking presentable and professional and
  • protects your investment.

We know that regular maintenance shouldn’t disrupt the flow of your business – our services are available after normal business hours, on weekends and during holidays. 

Trust your fabrics and furniture to the experts – if you need upholstery cleaning in Joondalup give us a call today for your free quote!

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